• T-House

    Tree House, Compostela. Spain  First Prize in the awards for the best Thesis in Master's Degree in Structural Timber Engineering, in Prefab Houses.
  • Ï_Lavapies

    Music in Lavapies, Passage between walls.2010 The project generates a social and cultural structure with its own activities that recovers the street like a public space. Through a few small pieces ( Housing, media library,rehearsal rooms…) it´s created an interior place with a street character, like a passage, which communicates two spaces in different levels. All the activities, spaces and users are the heart of the project, the internal program is not new, it´s already working in the district.
  • G-House

    Guest House, Guadalajara. Spain
  • V_La Quinta

    La Quinta del Duque, el Pardo. 2007 This garden reflects a new concept of garden, an idea braught with the new court of Philip V, following the french design of De Cotte, Rene Carlier or Esteban Marchand,all of them architects of Louis XIV and Louis XV. Everything is organized  through a serie of connected spaces creating a complete game of terraces, perspectives, water and box wood parterre. This complex organization reminds us another "spectacular" gardens like Versailles, Marly or Vaux Le Vicomte.
  • B-House

    Beach House, Cabo de Gata,Almería. Spain
  • Ä_Agua Amarga

    Waterfront in Agua Amarga, Almería.2007  The project understands how important is the small scale and the village´s rhythm. The urban frame is the base for whole the intervention, we want to emphasize the public space and  it does not matter the size. We generate a city net where little pieces are distributed, creating intermediate spaces and situations. Is necessary looking for the disappearance of the BACK-LIVING space, to every covered space matches an active urban place. 
  • S-House

    Shade House, Os Ancares. Galicia  
  • L / Pigeon Loft

    Pigeon house in the Esgaravita, Alcalá de Henares, 2011

    Complete inform with a previous study of a pigeon house from seventeenth-eighteenth century located in the Esgaravita´s property. Work done in two phases: Firstly it was a fieldwork, including a data collection and a removal of the building. In a second phase we developed a study of the constructive pathologies, after that  a whole planimetry of a ideal recovered building it´s done, a budget is included.

  • R / Rua Nova

    Refurbishment project which is part of my collaboration with the Consortium of Santiago de Compostela, in this case,together with the architects Lourdes Perez and Fernando Seoane. The action to take place in a space below deck will aim to improve thermal and acoustic insulation, so you will speak from three different points: First is the cover fabric replacing the secondary wood (shingles and pontoons ) sandwich panels including insulation and plasterboard as a finish. In a second step acts on the inner cladding of the house by adding an inner layer of insulation supported on metal structure with DM board and finished in third place acts on the hollow housingby replacing the skylights velux type windows and adding to the existing double windows overlooking thestreet, should be of woodwork and glass is such silence to ensure sound insulation.

  • R / Algalia

    Intervention in Algalia darriba Refurbishment Project which is part of my collaboration with the Consortium of Santiago de Compostela, in this case,together with the architects Ramón Fernández and Verónica Castiñeira Veiga. The intervention takes place at the entrance gate of the house, first replacing the current metal door for another made of  teak wood , and in a second operation panels are replaced paneling inside with new ones of the same color as the door, adding moisture treatment and thermal insulation.
  • Ë_Green city

    Intervention in Camarmilla  stream, 2011 The project focuses on the recovery of an area so far back in the city, around a small stream that despite its scale has led to a riverside around him, and now extends from old factories, warehouses and trash. It raises a whole linear park from north to south that culminates in the river Henares. A green city between urban and natural is planned, through a network of green spaces connected. A edificatorio scale, it is used a very simple and flexible system where a cell generates and organizes everything. The result is an extension of the city where cars and pedestrians go in separate ways, and buildings open and close like the branches of a tree, trying out the water, producing a series of visuals that open onto the river.
  • Ü_ Footpath

     Footpath in the  Pinewood, Sigüenza.2005 Project located in a rural area, noted for its large number of pine trees. Without altering the original landscape, we propose a series of interventions from a succession of strokes and lines drawn in the territory discovering various evocations of the landscape . A new path activate each of our senses to discover new insights into the landscape.By the way, we discovered several observatories, like a small room, where one can relax and observe the environment.